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I Have Learnt (30)

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I Have Learnt



The big 30 is looming!

It’s supposed to be a scary time

What with saying goodbye to my 20s

I love saying “I’m 29”

Now I gotta say am 30???


However looking back at my journey

Am so glad

to have come thus far

for I have learnt so much.


I have learnt to live

And not merely be


I have learnt who I am

An amazing self discovery


I have learnt what I am

I have learnt what am not


I have learnt what love is

I have learnt to love


I have learnt to trust

I have learnt to forgive


I have learnt patience

With myself and others


I have learnt that 1981 —>

Is actually my life


I have learnt my passion

I have learnt my values

I am learning

My purpose


I have learnt my power

And my limitations


I have learnt

My boundaries

Where God begins

where I begin

and end

Where others begin

and end


I have learnt

To shed the baggage

And travel life

With just my luggage


I have learnt

That my box of blessings

Is mine,

And only mine


I have learnt (through loss)

That sorrow and suffering

Are my companions

To the High Places


I have learnt

That the journey matters

Not just the destination


I have learnt

That religion

Is secondary to faith,

love, a relationship with God


I have learnt

to let go

and give up

control to God


I have learnt there’s a place

Inside my heart

That can never

Be violated


I have learnt

Why I exist

Just for love

Love alone


©Mugethi Gitau



  1. Moving and powerful! Youve certainly obtained a way of reaching men and women that I havent witnessed really generally. If most folks wrote about this issue while using eloquence that you just did, Im positive folks would do far more than just examine, theyd act. Great stuff the following. Please continue to keep it up.

  2. mugethi this is great,very inspiring.

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