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10 things I’ve noticed from watching @citizentv’s #Naswa

10 things I’ve noticed from watching @citizentv’s #Naswa
1. Kenyans are basically very helpful. Unless of course you have been bitten on your nose by a green snake. And it’s still dangling!
2. Most people did not attend the class where they were taught to use a wooden object to save someone who’s getting electrocuted.
3. People will still run from an ugly ass face even though they know youre wearing a mask and trying to scare them.
4. Kenyans generally don’t expect a glue sniffing chokora to land a dance with a beautiful lady in the middle of the street.
5. Kenyans are medical drama addicts! They will try to resuscitate a madafu with just a little encouragement.
6. The fastest way to get yourself beat up is mistreat a baby in public.
7. Kenyans don’t really need to know why everyone is running. Run first, ask later!
8. Coasterians have a lil time to spare – you can get them to watch a dancing cop, get their measurements taken…basically anything. *runs to hide*
9. If you have a physical handicap, you can get away with a lot! Blind guy bathing in public, wandering prosthetic arm.
10. The fastest way to get a bunch of ladies smiling at you is stand in the street issuing them with flowers 


  1. Sarah Sarah

    . . . and catching a breath on the welcome benches is the surest way to get punk’d

  2. pretty pretty

    I just love the show……truly Kenyan!

  3. hahahaha….. Its very hard for a Kenyan to stop minding his/her business and mind you.. Unless you’re a thief… Hahaha

    • Sammy, gotta love Kenyans!

  4. Very true!

  5. flora flora

    the show refresh one’s mind

  6. Very true, miss! The show is not only hilarious but also takes the role of bringing to tne light the true personality of Kenyans!

  7. Gordon Gordon

    I would like to join the naswa crew

  8. Lol @ no.7. Very typical of Kenyans. And those kanjo benches really do help lots of Kenyans!

    • Hahaha they do. But I always get scared Ill be punked!

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