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On the Edge

On the Edge

The precipice

I stand on the edge

Of the precipice

I bite my lip

And wring my hands


I feel the thin sweat

On my forehead

My heart beats

A million a minute


My legs are suddenly

Made of rubber

200 butterflies flutter

Non-stop in my tummy


I feel the fear

But on my tiptoes

I stand on the edge

Of the precipice…

… and I jump.


©Mugethi Gitau



  1. Githuz Githuz

    mmmm. mistress of the arts

    • Thanks alot! Keep visiting :)

  2. beautiful, i can identify with every line.. thanks for sharing.. :-)

    • Thanks Aby! Glad it touched you. Keep reading :)

  3. Swagi peter Swagi peter

    Great work …..keep up

    • Thanks and thanks for reading :)

    • Thanks Oshin :-) I read it and I agree. Great minds 😉

  4. Ilove this poem Mugs,i can resonate with it

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