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Come up to here

No farther

This is your boundary

Your portion


These are your roles

Your responsibilities

In turn

These are your rights

Your privileges


They all go together

This pair, and this pair.

Neglect one, and you

Forfeit the other


(Your boundary)

Do not cross it

Without permission

You will encounter

My aggression


I will not let you

Do it

I will not let you

Abuse me


© Mugethi Gitau



  1. very beautifully written.I like the simplicity

    • Thanks Sheeks, Alabastron

  2. i love this piece. I completely feel you

    • Thanks for reading and feeling it :-) Keep visiting.

  3. I like the way I get different meanings from this…

    • Amondi ebu expound…. I was thinking in terms of how boundaries keep the good in and the bad out 😉

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