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Bad Idea

Bad Idea

I can’t date my platonic friend

the one who calls me

and we talk for hours

The one I vent with

when we’ve had a bad day

The one guy whose

face lights up

every time he sees me.


We can’t date,

we’re platonic!

He gives me sage advice

when I have a big decision

He dares tell me don’t

when no one else will

He tells me

of his girlscapades

and listens to

 my manscapades


I think dating

might ruin our friendship

I love him

but I can’t date him.

It’s a bad idea.


©Mugethi Gitau



  1. mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. nelius nelius

    I held my breath as i thought of him. Hes my bestfriend………I def feel this. Beautiful

    • Good to know you can relate to this. Keep reading Nelius :-)

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