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Yours truly (2014)

image from wikimedia commons
image from wikimedia commons
Here’s to 2014.
The year I became the most nerdy.I used to be cool, until 2014.
I now know that Dr. Who has a Tardis. I am on the 4th repeat of the entire 8 seasons of the Big Bang Theory. ( I watched it all in a month). Tragically, when the nerds are speaking to Penny (the cute waitress) and she is looking at them with that blank look on her face, I actually know what they are talking about *facepalm*I now know what a ComicCon is, who Yoda is, what a Jedi looks like and that one can go to a costume party dressed as the Doppler Effect!

Even more tragically at least 60% of my time is spent in a geeky t-shirt, and I prefer hanging out with nerds and geeks than with actual cool people (you know, like celebs and athletes). Also I’m always trying to find ways of accomplishing things with minimal human interaction.

Here’s to 2014.

When I gave up some friends, and made some new ones. I took part in some pretty amazing things and every year, I grow more and more into myself.
I still have the emotional concentration of a grasshopper.
I seem to be growing more and more solitary, more in love with myself, more in love with my Maker.

Here’s to 2014.

To the the good, to the bad, to the beautiful.
And here’s to my Maker, for getting me through safe and sound.


  1. Josephine Gitau Josephine Gitau

    Happy for you sisto,and as for big bang theory,am still workin my way thru,guess ama have to start from sn1…losta love,an may u have loads of blessings this year,xoxo!

    • mg mg

      Thanks Sisto! Looking forward. xoxo

  2. You used to be cool???? Who tells you these lies LOL hahahahaahaah. ION cheers to 2015.

    • mg mg

      Hahahaha @Corrie jameni! *walks away whistling

  3. Randomly landed on this. Glad i did – short and sweet!

    • mg mg

      Thanks :)

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