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I wanna write a beautiful poem
About me and you
I wanna tell our story
I want people to understand
What is this we have
I want them to know
That you are my heartbeat,
How you provide for me
How you protect me
That you adore me.
That you are my number 1
My alpha male
My Lord
I want them to know
How you satisfy me
How you fulfill me
I want them to know
That I adore you
That I cannot imagine
Tomorrow without you
That I’ll give up everything
Before I ever give you up
I wanna write a beautiful poem
About how faithful you are
About our history
How far we’ve come
And how beautiful the journey has been
I want people to know
How I continually thirst for you
How I can never get enough of you
I want everyone to know
The joy I have found in you
I want to write a beautiful poem
About me and you
And let everyone know
Our story
©Mugs Gitau
23 Jan 2015
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