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My future daughter

2 butterflies
I don’t have you yet,
But if you were here,
I would tell you
Coz no one told me
They said don’t talk to boys
And when we grew older
they said if you get pregnant do not bring a child to my house.
The Catholics said,
no sex before marriage,
no cohabiting
no contraceptives
get married in church
The more liberal ones said if you are gonna do it,

use protection.

No one ever told me
How complicated it is
No one said
That sometimes you would like more than one person
But that you are not a monster
If that happens
No one told me how to know when the guy is wrong ,or right for you
No one said that sometimes the ones you liked, would not  like you back
And whether you should pursue them
(And that you should probably not pursue them)
No one said that you would agonize waiting for him to call
(And that calling first would probably not speed up the process)
No one said how you should react when they went quiet for days, or weeks
When to show your anger, and when to let him have it.
No one said when to try
And when to let go
No one said what you should do when he hurt your feelings
How to react if he cheated on you
Or if he was cruel
Or if he hit you.
No one said this his how you should pick up the pieces
How to heal your soul
And how to get back out there
After a world of hurt
No one told me
But I’m going to tell you
And you in turn, tell your daughter.
©2015 Mugs Gitau
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