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of (not) hearing

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It takes years for you to realize it. For the reality to hit you. After all, you’ve spent years denying it.
I get irritated when people speak in such a low tone that I cannot hear. Why are you whispering? Then worse is when you ask them to repeat and they repeat the last 2 words of the sentence you didn’t hear. Those are the ones I heard!
Also, don’t repeat in exactly the same volume or lower. Listen, that’s why did not hear it in the first place!
And for the love of God, if you are gonna insist on talking in that super low volume, at least face me and give me the chance to read your lips.
One day you actually say it out loud to someone. And it hits you. Yes, I do have a hearing impairment. But that time you say it aloud, 3 people turn and give you a look. That look that says “are you kidding me?”
And I was defensive. I felt I needed to defend it. Or assert it. It was weird.
As if a pretty person cannot have a hearing impairment. Like it was my responsibility to the PPA (Pretty People Association) to ensure that that did not happen. Tsk.
So now that Ive admitted that I’m hearing impaired, what do I do about it?
Maybe not a damn thing.
I mean, apart from finding eavesdropping way too taxing and really getting irritated by your friendly neighborhood whisperer, I get by, thank God!
Also I think a hearing aid may ruin this whole look I’m going for.
©2015 Mugs Gitau
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