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It’s complicated

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It’s complicated
I’m complicated
You might flip me off when you make an innocent remark
Then when you expect to, not even get a reaction
I struggle to express the simplest things
then cluelessly blurt out things
with far reaching emotional consequences
Sometimes I feel the absolutely worst thing I could do is need you
But I get upset if you ever act like you don’t need me,
or that I shouldn’t need you
It’s complicated
Coz how can I be loved without being vulnerable?
I’m complicated because I want love,
but I don’t want to want it
It’s complicated because I feel, every other moment,
that I should bolt out of there like nobody’s business!
I’m complicated because, on several occasions, I have.
Yet here I am, trying.
©2015 Mugs Gitau

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  1. We always try to fight vulnerability…forgetting that it is a prerequisite for for lasting and true love! It’s the only way to have a complete love.

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