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I’ve always been an old soul. Considered myself pretty grown for years now. I thought I was done growing, but the recent years have brought me more growth than I was even aware existed.
  • Maybe growth is loving someone thousands of miles away. But knowing you cannot be together. Recognizing that you are too old to uproot yourself and go after your love. Knowing that love does not always mean you will be together.
  • Maybe growth is transcending religion and being open to the spirituality and faiths of others . Realizing that you are not right and they are not wrong. That we are all where we are meant to be.
  • Maybe it is falling in love with a collection of the strangest human beings you ever met. Too intelligent for their own good. Defying social conventions or sometimes completely oblivious of them. Going past the small talk touching your soul when you’ve barely met them. The strange. Who dance to the music in their head. Who sing (off key) like nobody’s listening. Who inspire you to sing along.
  • To seeing yourself in the young educated spiritual healer who wears his heart on his sleeve.
  • Maybe it is falling in love with the story of a new found friend. Who gets engaged for an arranged marriage with the fiancé in absentia. A world you always thought you would disapprove of, but found you are awed and inspired by the simplicity of it all.
  • Maybe growth is not having to prove that you are strong or hard ever again. Knowing your power but never flaunting it.
  • Maybe it is realizing that you are strange. An outlier. That you don’t fit in. That you never might. That you probably won’t get excited over the things normal people value. And that they mostly will not understand what you are talking about. That you will feel lonely. But that you’ll be OK.
  • Maybe it is finding those that recognize  who you are, what you carry. Your tribe. That which transcends borders, nationalities, races, gender, faiths or even ages. And being at peace, knowing they are out there.
  • Maybe it is coming home to yourself.

©2016 Mugs Gitau


  1. And now am confused. Maybe am not quite growing Miss Mugs! Mmmhhh… None of these define me.

    • mg mg

      We each have our own path. Yours might be different but you are growing :-)

  2. Nikky Nikky

    Interesting piece! I love your line of thinking. “Realizing that you are not right and they are not wrong. That we are all where we are meant to be.”… …….. keep up Mugs!

    • mg mg

      Thank you Nikki, and for reading as well :-)

  3. Nara Nara

    You’ve made me cry in public!!!

    Thank you for these words, that taked so close to my heart!

    Hugs from someone Who loves you ali the way from Brazil!

    • mg mg

      OMG @Nara I’m so glad to hear that. Not the crying part, but that it touched you. Saudades? And hugs back!!!

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