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Category: poetry

My poems (own compositions)

It’s complicated

 … It’s complicated I’m complicated You might flip me off when you make an innocent remark Then when you expect to, not even get a reaction … I struggle to express the simplest things then cluelessly blurt out things with far reaching emotional consequences … Sometimes I feel the absolutely worst thing I could do is need you But I get upset if you ever act like you don’t need me, or that I shouldn’t need you … It’s complicated Coz how can I be loved without being vulnerable? I’m complicated because I want love, but I don’t want to want…

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My future daughter

I don’t have you yet, But if you were here, I would tell you Coz no one told me  xxx They said don’t talk to boys And when we grew older they said if you get pregnant do not bring a child to my house. The Catholics said, no sex before marriage, no cohabiting no contraceptives get married in church The more liberal ones said if you are gonna do it, use protection.  xxx  No one ever told me How complicated it is No one said That sometimes you would like more than one person But that you are not…

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Ist like (My best)

   xxx Ist like the best most personal movie ever It’s like I wish it was recorded and I could watch it over and over again It’s like when our fantasies met and it resulted in magic Its like you were made for me and I for you Its like you’re the very best soul I ever met Its like I love you but I can’t be with you It’s like you love me but you can’t be with me Its like love is great but its its not enough Its like our lives are ours but we are not…

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What do you call me and you, Us? Maybe not Me and you? It’s fun, ain’t it? *** Can we claim each other? Ummm I don’t think so *** Do we like each other? Certainly *** Do we care? Of course we do *** Do you trust me? Yes *** Do I you? Yeah *** Are we becoming friends? Interestingly yes *** Do we dream? We daren’t Do we talk about it? Of course not. *** Is it real? Of course it is. *** I think it goes without saying That it may last a week, a month or a…

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What are we?

What are we? So, not dating. Just friends? Good friends? What is this obsession with defining things anyway? We understand each other We both travel We meet say, 4,5 times a year We spend, 3,4 days together Then we suck at keeping in touch. I matter to you You matter to me. When you leave I will cry If anything happens to you I will want to die We don’t have to define it. its real its enough. 20th  July 2014 © 2014 Mugethi Gitau


What is life? (Live pt 2)

  What is life if not a memory of a smile that warmed your heart of a voice that gave you goose bumps of a kiss that melted you and excited you and made you want more   ***   What is life if not a moment of uncontrollable laughs of an unstoppable smile what is life if not a hug, a cuddle a total connection by 2 from complete opposite worlds but before you could blink … total kindred spirits   15th May 2014 © 2014 Mugethi Gitau

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  I will leave you and I will live   I will not be cowed By your threats   of financial and   emotional Armageddon   I will leave you and I will live   ***   I will heal and be restored   I will prosper and I will flourish   I will ignore your implications   That without you I shall wilt   I will leave you and I will live   © Mugethi Gitau 19th Jan 2014

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  If regret was a color What would it be?   If regret had a voice What would it sound like?   If regret was a person What would be his name?   Could you run after it and stop it in its tracks and confront it?   Could you take a blunt object and hit it hard?   Could you take an automatic weapon and annihilate it?   Instead of sitting there and waiting for Master Time to banish it?   ©Mugethi Gitau 5/01/2014



  It had been a while, But when I met you I dreamed * I dreamed of a home, A brood And a lifetime together *** I was fearless But when I met you I fled * And when you caught up With me I fought you *** I had scratched it off my list But when I met you I scribbled * And I doodled With love hearts and glitter *** So now I giggle When you tease me, * And my heart beats faster When you call me * And my brain stops thinking When you touch me…

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