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Category: short stories

Sore spot

I don’t want another child either and God knows I hate the pregnancy scares the uncertainty my constant fight with contraceptives none of them work without causing some opposite or equal harm. From adding weight, to mood swings or suppressing my sex drive.   Some, like the pill, implants are trying to kill me, they don’t go well with high blood pressure. Others, like the coil are just there to make your periods heavier, give you false hope so that you din’t see it coming when you do get pregnant.   And condoms – those latex devils, torture to the…

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You never wanted it to happen. You never planned it this way. To raise a child by yourself, let alone a boy You can teach a girl to be a woman by being an awesome one. How the hell do you teach a boy to be a man?   Then there are the other aspects of life. Dealing with the landlord, mechanic, electrian, and plumber in this ridiculously paternalistic society. You go to the doctor’s by yourself. Decisions (choice of school and where to live for example) are made faster but at the same time feel heavier because you are…

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You wish people would stop reacting to the patch on your forehead and asking “what happened?” Because you would rather not talk and invite another searing flash of pain across your temple You will kill someone before you willingly move. Because with every movement it feels like the entire insides of your head – brain, floating matter, connective tissue and nerves all move to that side of the head. And back when you straighten again. And then throb strongly to protest.  x All you want is a dark quiet room. Because the migraine has made you super sensitive to light…

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of (not) hearing

image from It takes years for you to realize it. For the reality to hit you. After all, you’ve spent years denying it.  xxx I get irritated when people speak in such a low tone that I cannot hear. Why are you whispering? Then worse is when you ask them to repeat and they repeat the last 2 words of the sentence you didn’t hear. Those are the ones I heard! Also, don’t repeat in exactly the same volume or lower. Listen, that’s why did not hear it in the first place! And for the love of God, if…

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If anyone touches me, you kill them

“If anyone touches me, you kill them. OK?” “Really?” “Yes.” So I’m at the club with my friends from out of town. Its almost everyone’s last night in town. We are tired from the sustained partying but no one is willing not to party. So we go off in search of the liveliest, loudest place we can find. The first one qualified but there was no standing room, let alone hope for sitting. We make our way out of the throng of party animals and go next door to the other club. The woman security guard frisks me with her hands.…

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My future daughter

I don’t have you yet, But if you were here, I would tell you Coz no one told me  xxx They said don’t talk to boys And when we grew older they said if you get pregnant do not bring a child to my house. The Catholics said, no sex before marriage, no cohabiting no contraceptives get married in church The more liberal ones said if you are gonna do it, use protection.  xxx  No one ever told me How complicated it is No one said That sometimes you would like more than one person But that you are not…

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#GuardianAngels #DearLord (Holy Monologues Pt. 3)

#DearLord Hi! I have a few questions to you about how some stuff works. Say for example #GuardianAngels #DearLord Do we get one throughout our life or do they ever get switched around? Also, #DearLord do they ever think we are a pain? Our #GuardianAngels? Do they ever go, “not her again! She’s always getting herself in danger!” Or maybe, “see I told you she was funny. She had me cracking up all last month while I was on her rotation!” #DearLord I think the latter would apply more to me. #DearLord, I know what you are gonna say. You’ll…

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Sitting Shiva

The Jewish people have a custom known as Sitting Shiva. It’s when someone dies and you stay indoors even after they are buried. You mourn the deceased. You talk of their memories. Your neighbors and family bring you food and tell you they are sorry. And they sit Shiva with you for a while. Then they go, and someone else comes. At the end of sitting Shiva, you have mourned the person all you possibly could. Plus you have cabin fever. And cannot wait to leave the house and resume life. *** I feel like that’s what I’m doing. Sitting Shiva…


Losing Jamal

  Losing Jamal Years ago, when I had just started working as a teacher at the Coast, my boyfriend of 7 years was on a trip overseas. I was heading home from work and took the same shortcut I always did when our driver dropped me. It was through a residential court, but everyone going that route used it. There was a group of 3, maybe 4 young men sitting on the low fence chatting away whom I ignored as I passed them. I had no intention of making eye contact with any of them so that they could start…

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