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I’ve always been an old soul. Considered myself pretty grown for years now. I thought I was done growing, but the recent years have brought me more growth than I was even aware existed. Maybe growth is loving someone thousands of miles away. But knowing you cannot be together. Recognizing that you are too old to uproot yourself and go after your love. Knowing that love does not always mean you will be together. Maybe growth is transcending religion and being open to the spirituality and faiths of others . Realizing that you are not right and they are not…


Ist like (My best)

   xxx Ist like the best most personal movie ever It’s like I wish it was recorded and I could watch it over and over again It’s like when our fantasies met and it resulted in magic Its like you were made for me and I for you Its like you’re the very best soul I ever met Its like I love you but I can’t be with you It’s like you love me but you can’t be with me Its like love is great but its its not enough Its like our lives are ours but we are not…

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#GuardianAngels #DearLord (Holy Monologues Pt. 3)

#DearLord Hi! I have a few questions to you about how some stuff works. Say for example #GuardianAngels #DearLord Do we get one throughout our life or do they ever get switched around? Also, #DearLord do they ever think we are a pain? Our #GuardianAngels? Do they ever go, “not her again! She’s always getting herself in danger!” Or maybe, “see I told you she was funny. She had me cracking up all last month while I was on her rotation!” #DearLord I think the latter would apply more to me. #DearLord, I know what you are gonna say. You’ll…

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Sitting Shiva

The Jewish people have a custom known as Sitting Shiva. It’s when someone dies and you stay indoors even after they are buried. You mourn the deceased. You talk of their memories. Your neighbors and family bring you food and tell you they are sorry. And they sit Shiva with you for a while. Then they go, and someone else comes. At the end of sitting Shiva, you have mourned the person all you possibly could. Plus you have cabin fever. And cannot wait to leave the house and resume life. *** I feel like that’s what I’m doing. Sitting Shiva…


#DearLord (Holy Monologues Pt. 2)

#DearLord How are you? I hope the task of managing all of us is not driving you crazy. #DearLord I keep asking you for a sign. I suspect you keep sending me signs but I keep ignoring them. #DearLord I hear Your voice. *whispers* Is my voice louder than yours? Why am I so conflicted? #DearLord How about a really clear sign? Like a note, signed by you? Or even a tweet? #DearLord  Am all for listening to my Spirit. But what if my Spirit says one thing today and another tomorrow? In that case did my Spirit change it’s…


#HolyMonologues (#DearGod)

So I finally went ahead and decided to tweet God these questions that I’ve been longing to ask. – at the risk of not being considered a good Christian 😉 As per the suggestion of one my followers, let’s call these the #HolyMonologues (#DearGod) #DearGod how are you? #DearGod Allow me 1/365 1/4 days to go “Why Lord Why?” #DearGod Had you made me a good liar, my life would be way easier. #WhyLordwhy, am I so sincere? I thought I was abnormal till the other day! #DearGod Why do I still trust people? Haven’t all the events showing me…

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