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Why do I like you?

  I like you because We can relate We can be silent together and not need to speak *** I like you because You’re available for me If I ping you you’ll appear Therefore If you ping me I’ll appear *** I like you because You like me You tease me endlessly and you enjoy my company *** I like you because You know who you are You are strong and understated *** ©Mugs Gitau 6 Feb 2015



What do you call me and you, Us? Maybe not Me and you? It’s fun, ain’t it? *** Can we claim each other? Ummm I don’t think so *** Do we like each other? Certainly *** Do we care? Of course we do *** Do you trust me? Yes *** Do I you? Yeah *** Are we becoming friends? Interestingly yes *** Do we dream? We daren’t Do we talk about it? Of course not. *** Is it real? Of course it is. *** I think it goes without saying That it may last a week, a month or a…

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 ***  *** I wanna write a beautiful poem About me and you I wanna tell our story  *** I want people to understand What is this we have I want them to know That you are my heartbeat, How you provide for me How you protect me That you adore me. That you are my number 1 My alpha male My Lord   *** I want them to know How you satisfy me How you fulfill me I want them to know That I adore you That I cannot imagine Tomorrow without you That I’ll give up everything Before I ever give you up…

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Isn’t it sad?

Isn’t it sad when You love someone but they don’t love you back? Or when You both love each other But you can’t be together? ***  Isn’t it sad when You finally win their respect But then they lose yours? When Trust is gone so grace runs out?  ***  Isn’t it sad when You drift apart And you now can’t be friends? When It’s just too late to reach out?

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Yours truly (2014)

Here’s to 2014. The year I became the most nerdy.I used to be cool, until 2014. I now know that Dr. Who has a Tardis. I am on the 4th repeat of the entire 8 seasons of the Big Bang Theory. ( I watched it all in a month). Tragically, when the nerds are speaking to Penny (the cute waitress) and she is looking at them with that blank look on her face, I actually know what they are talking about *facepalm*I now know what a ComicCon is, who Yoda is, what a Jedi looks like and that one can go to a…


What are we?

What are we? So, not dating. Just friends? Good friends? What is this obsession with defining things anyway? We understand each other We both travel We meet say, 4,5 times a year We spend, 3,4 days together Then we suck at keeping in touch. I matter to you You matter to me. When you leave I will cry If anything happens to you I will want to die We don’t have to define it. its real its enough. 20th  July 2014 © 2014 Mugethi Gitau


#GuardianAngels #DearLord (Holy Monologues Pt. 3)

#DearLord Hi! I have a few questions to you about how some stuff works. Say for example #GuardianAngels #DearLord Do we get one throughout our life or do they ever get switched around? Also, #DearLord do they ever think we are a pain? Our #GuardianAngels? Do they ever go, “not her again! She’s always getting herself in danger!” Or maybe, “see I told you she was funny. She had me cracking up all last month while I was on her rotation!” #DearLord I think the latter would apply more to me. #DearLord, I know what you are gonna say. You’ll…

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What is life? (Live pt 2)

  What is life if not a memory of a smile that warmed your heart of a voice that gave you goose bumps of a kiss that melted you and excited you and made you want more   ***   What is life if not a moment of uncontrollable laughs of an unstoppable smile what is life if not a hug, a cuddle a total connection by 2 from complete opposite worlds but before you could blink … total kindred spirits   15th May 2014 © 2014 Mugethi Gitau

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  I will leave you and I will live   I will not be cowed By your threats   of financial and   emotional Armageddon   I will leave you and I will live   ***   I will heal and be restored   I will prosper and I will flourish   I will ignore your implications   That without you I shall wilt   I will leave you and I will live   © Mugethi Gitau 19th Jan 2014

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