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Mid Life Crisis

I suspect am going through a midlife crisis, hehehehe First my pink phase is soo not over. Am seriously looking for a pink Blackberry (a Pinkberry :)) do those exist? If a pink flat screen TV existed Id buy one of those. Word! Then I went ahead and did the dirty dirty I trimmed off my lifetime hair to a measly 9 inches! I did this to get rid of the relaxed thinned hair. It still hurt like heck! I winced every time my sister snipped with the scissors! Now am going all natural and am all excited about it!…


Weep not, Child

Weep not, Child 2003 Weep not, Child For a love affair That never begun. To love, and lose Before you had. I knew t’was hard But I never knew There was this much pain … for a love affair That never begun. ©Mugethi Gitau 2003


Smokes (Commitment phobia)

Smokes (Commitment phobia) 11/08/11 Shall I compare thee to a puff of smoke   That now is here and now is gone?   Shall I compare thee to an illusion   That now I see and now I don’t?   Shall I compare thee to a mirage   A distant dream I just can’t reach?   Shall I then give my heart of hearts   my whole life to a puff of smoke? ©Mugethi Gitau 11/08/11 *This poem was first written on 28/11/06. I was inspired to edit and finish it on 11/08/11

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Everything is Still Everything

Everything is Still Everything 17th Jan 2005 Every morning Sunrise comes, and Every evening Sunset comes   Every 24 hours The earth rotates its axis And every 364 ¼ days It revolves its orbit   Every 30 days The moon revolves the earth And it causes high and low tide Every day, every month   No matter what is going down Right here, next to me I know the Master Of the universe Is perfectly in control; ©Mugethi Gitau  17/01/2005 “He makes the sun rise in the east And set in the west”

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Black is Beautiful (Awake)

Black is Beautiful (Awake) 16th Dec 2005 Black as sin? Black as the devil? Dark as the evil night? Deep dark Africa?   When will you awake And see that Your short and kinky hair Is the masterpiece Of the greatest artist? ©Mugethi Gitau 16/12/05

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Healing      28th Aug 2006   I wanna wake up And smell the coffee I wanna take time And smell the flowers I wanna heal My spirit and soul I wanna take time And get over you   …go by the sea and smell the salt and feel the spray on my face and my hair ….feel my spirit Rise closer to Jah And look back at our times And smile ©Mugethi Gitau 28/08/11 “ He leads me beside the still waters He restores my soul”Ps 23: 2,3


My Secret Love (#theone) (Twitter Ed.)

My Secret Love (#theone) (Twitter Ed.) 28/08/11 He makes my heart beat A little faster When he says my name #theone My face lights up with a smile every time he talks to me #theone I miss him so much When a day passes Without hearing from him #theone I pray everyday That one day I’ll see him again #theone I don’t know how to tell him That despite the odds Despite the distance Despite the time lapse… I don’t know how to tell him That despite how ridiculous it is I’m in love with him #theone #mysecretlove ©Mugethi Gitau…

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I Have Learnt (30)

I Have Learnt 28/08/11   The big 30 is looming! It’s supposed to be a scary time What with saying goodbye to my 20s I love saying “I’m 29” Now I gotta say am 30???   However looking back at my journey Am so glad to have come thus far for I have learnt so much.   I have learnt to live And not merely be   I have learnt who I am An amazing self discovery   I have learnt what I am I have learnt what am not   I have learnt what love is I have learnt…


Dear Child

Dear Child 22nd Aug 2006   I thought of you As I woke up today I missed your sunny smile   I missed the sound Your laugh would make As it echoed thro’ the house   I thought of your Gentle demeanor And missed you even more   And the graceful way You’d handle it When things don’t go your way   Child, even though Am far away And can’t see you at all….   …I hope you know That all day long I have you in my soul © Mugethi Gitau 22/08/06 ‘Child’ is a symbolic reference to someone.…

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